Annual Events

Each year, Under Our Wings dedicates itself to hosting and participating in three events. These events also happen to be our largest events:
With each new year, these events continue to grow, take on new sponsors, and become an integral part of the Under Our Wings literacy initiative. View below to learn more about each event and how you can join in:


  • Take Me Outdoors

    Take Me Outdoors

    Hosted with Texas Parks & Wildlife, the Take Me Outdoors event features a live demonstration by the Last Chance Forever…

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  • Casino Night

    Casino Night

    As part of our fundraising efforts, we host a Casino Night party at the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ)…

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  • Valentine’s: A Dash To Remember

    Valentine’s: A Dash To Remember

    Each year, Under Our Wings hosts a three-part Valentine's event. The event benefits the Houston Area Women's Center, Texas Children's…

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