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See the links below for more information on the various events you can get involved in. Fill out the form below and tell us what event you want to partner with us in or an area of Under Our Wings that you would like to participate in. We can't wait to get connected!

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    • Harvey Support

      Harvey Support

      At the end of August 2017, Hurricane Harvey brought devastation to Houston and much of southeast Texas. Much of the…

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    • Loaves and Fishes

      Loaves and Fishes

      Alongside WRLDCHNGRS, the Under Our Wings team joins willing local volunteers and feeds hundreds of hungry individuals at the Loaves…

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    • Take Me Outdoors

      Take Me Outdoors

      Hosted with Texas Parks & Wildlife, the Take Me Outdoors event features a live demonstration by the Last Chance Forever…

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    • Casino Night

      Casino Night

      As part of our fundraising efforts, we host a Casino Night party at the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ)…

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    • Valentine’s: A Dash To Remember

      Valentine’s: A Dash To Remember

      Each year, Under Our Wings hosts a three-part Valentine's event. The event benefits the Houston Area Women's Center, Texas Children's…

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    • Literacy Tours: Avian Mascots

      Literacy Tours: Avian Mascots

      With the Avian Kingdom Feathered Tales, comes the Avian Kingdom feathered friends. Our mascots,¬†Captain Eagle, Dr. Hoots, Vladimira and Malture,…

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    • Literacy Tours: Birds of Prey

      Literacy Tours: Birds of Prey

      Avian Kingdom has partnered with Last Chance Forever to provide a one-of -a-kind show featuring live birds of prey. It…

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    • Literacy Tours: Music Performances

      Literacy Tours: Music Performances

      The Avian Kingdom partners with bilingual hip-hop artist, Guero Loco, bring an exciting musical performance to students across the nation.…

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    • Literacy Tour: Brownsville ISD

      Literacy Tour: Brownsville ISD

      The literacy event is presented in dual-language format by our award winning team.¬†We tailor the presentation around what the kids…

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