Literacy Tours: Music Performances

The Avian Kingdom partners with bilingual hip-hop artist, Guero Loco, bring an exciting musical performance to students across the nation. Guero Loco takes motivating kids to read and learn a new language to the next level.

Sign up:

  • Orders of 1000 books or more qualify for the program for free
    • The students will be broken up into groups of 50-125 students per presentation
      • 55 Minute Presentation
      • Reading 2 chapters of the book
      • Gamification of Literacy Component
      • Interactions with Avian Kingdom Mascots
      • Activities and Games given to kids
      • Presentations will be age/grade appropriate
      • Dual-Language, All Spanish, or All English presentations available
    • Number of Events NTE (# Books Bought) / 100
    • All events must be executed within the same week
  • Orders of books in multiple of 100 will each get a visit from our Avian Heroes if located in Houston, Texas.
    • This is not the full presentation but an opportunity to interact with the Avian Kingdom and motivate the youth
    • We can also walk from classroom to classroom and give the kids a welcome to the Avian Kingdom
    • Case-by-case we can provide one 55 minute presentation for one grade level NTE 125 kids

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