• A Love-Filled and Literacy-Centered Valentines

    Kids enjoyed an exciting Valentine's thanks to sponsors and volunteers

    The Under Our Wings team opened their wings to the kids at Texas Children's Hospital for the 5th year. With the help of sponsors and volunteers, we put 1400 books and Valentine's kits in thousands of little hands.

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  • Spreading our Wings to Reach the Community

    Our goal and focus is about reaching the youth in our community.

    Learn about how we are spreading the joy and passion of dual-language literacy with the youth in our community and yours. We are committed to showing that reading and learning can change the world.

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  • Hurricane Harvey Support

    Volunteer or Donate

    We are helping victims of Hurricane Harvey with volunteers helping donate time and resources to file insurance claims.

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  • Making a Difference at $10 a Smile!

    Join the movement. Donate to this literacy initiative.

    With just $10, you too can bring a smile to a little one’s face, with an Avian Kingdom Feathered Tales book. Your donation will facilitate a brighter future for each and every one of us by helping at-risk youth in our community. Every dollar makes a difference. Help us get a book in the hands of kids across the nation.

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  • Join the Team and Fly by Our Sides!

    Volunteer at one of our events!

    Our program cares about meeting kids where they are and bringing the joy of learning and literacy right into their hands. This is a daily act that requires daily volunteers. Whether it is a couple hours during the week or a day on the weekend, we are always looking for happy helpers.

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Motivating Youth to Take Flight through Dual Language Literacy

We believe every child deserves a chance to succeed, find their passion, and be an asset to society. With our program, we strive to encourage youth towards a path of lifelong learning, social responsibility, family values, and environmental stewardship.

Avian Kingdom Feathered Tales

Award-winning dual language children's books
The Avian Kingdom instills family values, foster curiosity, and help develop a strong character in our followers while teaching about our environment and avian federally protected indicator species.

Dual Language Literacy Tour

The Avian Kingdom team brings bilingual fun right to the students.
Whether it's a musical performance or personal interactions with real bird of prey, the Avian Kingdom will excite kids of all ages to pursue dual-language learning.

Upcoming Events

We want to meet you in person.
Join the Avian Kingdom and Under Our Wings teams at our next outreach or fundraising event.

Frequently Asked Questions

Don't stay uninformed! Let us help.
Our program has many facets and needs. Learn more about who we are, what we do, and how you can get involved..

Get involved:


The Under Our Wings Literacy Program focuses on strengthening the foundation of our community. Literacy breaks down barriers that many at-risk youth face while growing up. Sponsoring these children gives them a second chance at success. Our sponsorship opportunities vary from monthly supporting donor contributions to an activity-filled event, put on in your organization’s name. Discover your sponsorship opportunity!

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Simply put, your donation will put smiles on the children of our community and facilitate a brighter future for each and every one of us. Your donation, through Under Our Wing Literacy Program, helps the at-risk youth in our community, and every dollar makes a difference.

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The more volunteers, the merrier! Volunteering with the Under Our Wing Literacy Program will positively impact the community that you live in. It does not matter how much time you have to give, or what skills you have to offer, any and all volunteer work will help the children of our community. Explore your volunteer opportunities!

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