The FourSquare Challenge From Outer Space

Under Our Wings wants your school to join us in promoting literacy and community by participating in the Literacy Egg FourSquare Challenge. This is a fun and collaborative learning activity where you and your students draw/paint/color a Literacy Egg in one of your four square boxes. We are asking schools all across Texas to create an egg that is big enough to be seen from outer space!

The goal of this activity is to show Houston students and their families that we are united in helping them overcome the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. The Literacy Egg represents how fragile a child is. Placed in the right conditions a child will hatch and thrive; while under adverse conditions, a child cannot. We want the literacy egg to be symbol of not just literacy, but community spirit. Hurricane Harvey may have devastated many of our students homes, but our spirit can never be destroyed.

All you need is tape measure or ruler, 25 foot rope, chalk or spray paint, and four excited students. In addition to the excitement, if your school's Literacy Egg shows up on Google Maps, we will send you a FREE set (English or Spanish) of the Avian Kingdom Feathered Tales books to motivate your students toward dual language literacy. Bonus: if you use permanent paint (like the kind used to paint the original four square box), Dr Hoots will hand deliver your book set and visit with your students.


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