Literacy Tours: Avian Mascots

With the Avian Kingdom Feathered Tales, comes the Avian Kingdom feathered friends. Our mascots, Captain Eagle, Dr. Hoots, Vladimira and Malture, bring the excitement of reading to its peak with their fun interactions.

Sign up:

The process for bringing the Literacy Tour to your school is easy:

  • Orders of 1000 books or more qualify for the program for free
    • The students will be broken up into groups of 50-125 students per presentation
      • 55 Minute Presentation
      • Reading 2 chapters of the book
      • Gamification of Literacy Component
      • Interactions with Avian Kingdom Mascots
      • Activities and Games given to kids
      • Presentations will be age/grade appropriate
      • Dual-Language, All Spanish, or All English presentations available
    • Number of Events NTE (# Books Bought) / 100
    • All events must be executed within the same week
  • Orders of books in multiple of 100 will each get a visit from our Avian Heroes if located in Houston, Texas.
    • This is not the full presentation but an opportunity to interact with the Avian Kingdom and motivate the youth
    • We can also walk from classroom to classroom and give the kids a welcome to the Avian Kingdom
    • Case-by-case we can provide one 55 minute presentation for one grade level NTE 125 kids


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