The Avian Kingdom Teaching Trailer was Stolen!

After Captain Eagle and Dr.Hoots spent the day delivering 3,000 books to the Texas Children’s Hospital, they went home to spend time with their families.  The heroes woke up to find something very important missing: The Teaching Trailer! Villains had crept into the literacy lair and stole the Avian Kingdom’s Teaching Trailer right out from under their wings.

The heroes used the Teaching Trailer to deliver Avian Kingdom storybooks, literacy tours, and games to kids across Texas, including Austin, Brownsville, Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio. These thieving villains must be taught a lesson!

Please help the Avian Kingdom Heroes catch these villains and “recoup” justice for the Teaching Trailer. With every $10 donation, the Avian Kingdom Heroes will donate an Avian Kingdom Storybook to one of the local youth charities below.

-Boys and Girls Club
-Loaves and Fishes: Soup Kitchen
-Reach Youth Global
-Houston Area Women's Center
-Texas Children's Hospital
-Sowing Deeds
-Colorado Children's Hospital

Donate now to our GoFundMe page.

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